About Us

The Green Earth Institute is all about the joy of organic farming and the art of gardening. It’s a place where you can learn, grow, and share in the practice of sustainable agriculture. Our blog is a treasure trove of insights, tips, and guides to help you master organic farming and gardening. We’re here to support your journey in cultivating a healthier, greener world through agriculture.

Our Expertise

At the Green Earth Institute, we thrive on sharing our collective wisdom in organic farming and gardening. Our advice springs from real-world experience, in-depth agricultural knowledge, and a keen grasp of how ecosystems work. We’re a band of gardeners and farmers, and our shared insights have sparked conversations and advancements in organic practices across our community.

First-Hand Experiences

Our blog is alive with the real stories of our contributors and the lively group of gardeners and farmers we’ve grown. We tell it all, from turning empty plots into lush gardens to fighting plant diseases without chemicals. We share these experiences openly and thoroughly. Our stories underline our expertise and plant trust and hope in our readers.

Our Values and Mission

At the Green Earth Institute, we’re deeply committed to sustainable living. Our mission is to inspire and enable everyone to adopt organic farming and gardening. We trust in the strength of learning and exchanging know-how to create a greener, more enduring world. This dedication shapes what we write and how we connect with you, our readers. Together, we’re a circle of gardeners and farmers, sharing tips that nurture growth and sustainability.

Meet Us

Harley Wilson

Harley-Wilson- About Us

From the lush landscapes of Vermont, Harley Wilson is a third-generation organic farmer dedicated to the preservation and promotion of pollinator-friendly environments. Having inherited his farm from his grandfather, Harley’s connection to the land runs deep. His expertise is not only in sustainable farming practices but also in educating the next generation—his children—on the values of hard work and environmental stewardship.

Cameron Lowery

Cameron-Lowery - About Us

Cameron Lowery brings a refreshing perspective on sustainable gardening from the green hills of Vermont. As an experienced agriculturist, Cameron’s articles are rich with insights on maintaining vibrant gardens while adhering to eco-friendly practices. His passion for sustainable living is evident in every piece of advice he offers, helping our readers transform their gardening practices to be more environmentally conscious.

Marwa McIntyre

Marwa-Mcintyre - About Us

Meet Marwa McIntyre, a hands-on advocate for organic growth and a champion for sustainable living. Marwa’s journey into organic gardening is fueled by a commitment to enhancing the health of our planet. Her engaging storytelling captures the essence of her hands-on experiences in the garden, making her tips and insights not only practical but also inspiring. Marwa’s aim is simple yet profound: to make our world a greener place, one garden at a time.

Why Choose Us?

Turn to the Green Earth Institute for trusted, expert advice on organic farming and gardening. Our unique mix of hands-on experience, deep knowledge, and true passion for sustainable practices makes our blog the perfect place for you to develop your organic skills. We’re more than just a blog – we’re a thriving community of gardeners and farmers, sharing tips to help each other grow.

Our blog is constantly updated with the latest findings, innovations, and feedback from our readers. Keep growing with us as we explore new horizons in organic farming and gardening. Join our community of dedicated gardeners and farmers, sharing knowledge to cultivate a greener future.