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Winter  2014
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The mission of the Green Earth Institute is to promote nutritional health and environmental sustainability. Using our organic farm as a demonstration and learning center, we grow healthful vegetables in an earth-friendly way and educate about nature, nutrition, and caring for the earth.








The Green Earth Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible.





Sign Up Now for the Green Earth CSA

Certified Organic and Truly Locally-Grown!


Green Earth provides fresh organic vegetables from our farm to you, without a middleman, through our CSA. "CSA" is short for "community-supported agriculture," a marketing approach where community members have a direct relationship with the farmers; no supermarket middleman. Your produce is:

  • Local; you know exactly from where it comes from
  • Certified organic; you know that we do not use poisonous chemicals
  • Freshly harvested; not trucked or trained halfway across the country.  

  Learn more here       Register for 2014 CSA  

"I am concerned about the planet. Participating in the Green Earth CSA is a way for me to support sustainability and feed my family nutritiously at the same time."

               -- Pat M., Naperville



Green Earth Fair
Celebrating Sustainability!  
Green Earth Fair Sunday May 4 Mark your calendar. The 11th annual Green Earth Fair will take place on May 4th at the Green Earth Institute, located at the McDonald Farm, 10S404 Knoch Knolls Road,Naperville.

Nature on the Farm

Children's Summer Nature Programs 

Snow may be covering the ground right now, but the farm will be green this summer and ready for our "nature discovery" children's programs. Registration is now available on our website for our two core children's programs: Nature Buddies and Nature Rangers

Volunteers Needed

Come help with the Green Earth Fair! Volunteers are needed both at the event on Sunday, May 4, and in advance preparations. Sign up at Volunteer .

Item Donation Wish List

Wish List

External Frame Backpacks 

Do you have a hiking backpack with an external tubular metal frame that you are no longer using? The farm crew has need for two such backpacks for carrying equipment in the field. If you have one you would be willing to donate, please send a note

to Farm@greenearthinstitute.org.Thank you!

Let's Talk Nutrition

Broccoli Belly

      By Philippa Norman,  MD MPH

We've heard about effects of GMO frankenfoods on our gut bacteria, as discussed in a recent book called Wheat Belly. Bloating, weight gain, and skin problems are just a few of the problems that people can develop from eating GMO wheat.


What can we do to keep our digestive system healthy? Eating veggies, especially cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage, directly stimulates the growth and healthy balance of good bacteria.


These good bacteria are living organisms that help us detoxify harmful residues on food, maintain healthy hormone balance, and produce B vitamins and immune factors.  Eating broccoli salad or a red cabbage slaw is a tasty way to support your digestive system. 

Farm Report

Farm Report

     By Duncan Simonson, Farm Manager

I know that the 2013 growing season will not be quickly forgotten.  I wish I could say that about every growing season, but some seasons get lost in the mix.  Honestly, I only faintly remember growing in 2011. 


2013, on the other hand, from the beginning, was a farming season that just kept on giving.                            Keep reading
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